10 June 2012 - Chinese Contemporary Art & Sculptures
(2012-05-22 )

Zhong Cheng will be hosting the 2012 “Chinese Contemporary Art and Sculpture” Spring Auction. It will take place on June 10th at the Taipei Fubon International Conference Center.
The Opening preview takes place throughout May- from May 5th to May 27th in Taichung, and June 8 to June 9th in Taipei. We welcome all art collectors and art lovers to attend.

Chinese artists who have travelled overseas are forced to explore and experience what is not familiar to them; the blend of cultural influences creates a spark that becomes their inspiration and most importantly of all a strong artistic energy. Yan Wenliang left home to study in France at an early age. In “Warm sun in winter” the painter has extracted from Chinese traditional water ink painting techniques to bring out the delicate leaves and branches. Within the layered scenery and bright sunshine shimmering on the flowing river and scattered leaves, this painting situates its audience in a sense of peace with the precious warmth of the winter sun. In 1970, Zao Wouki was commissioned by Air France to create the work “Composition”; he blends ink freely with unrestrained brushstrokes bringing out upright and bold color blocks and lines that seemingly echo the sky. His distinctive abstract style was widely acknowledged in Paris. Chu Tehchun’s “Still Life” was completed in 1951; it is one of the few works that was completed while he was teaching at the Taiwan Normal University. The thoughtful planning of composition and the richness of color in rhythm are the aesthetic concepts that serve as an important milestone of his development in his later works. This Spring Auction will also include the works of Yun Gee who travelled throughout Europe, Walasse Ting who is famous for his erotic paintings of woman, award winner Yan Peimin and the works of other talented overseas artists.

The “85 Art Revolution” lead Chinese Contemporary art to evolve; through the search for a new art medium, artists raise their paintbrush to question and analyze reality: International artist Yue Minjun’s “Jurassic” combined the images of “smiling faces” and a dinosaur to skillfully imply the passage of time. The super realism artist Fang Lijun’s “No.2” demonstrates the metaphor “a drop in ocean,” in which people are lost and frustrated but still moving with the flow of the water; unable to escape their fate. Zhou Chunya is one of the earliest pioneers to break from tradition and engage in contemporary art. In “Peach Blossom No.1” we see a mixture of both traditional ideas and contemporary approach. Zhou Chunya paints the traditional symbolic blossom while experimenting with the concept of negative spaces and vibrant colors. The borders between time and culture have diminished; and the recreation of traditional and contemporary art co-exists. In this Spring Auction the works of Jia Youfu, Xue Song, Huang Gang, Liang Jian, Zhang Nian, Yang Shu, and Guo Wei will be presented to demonstrate these evolutionary artists’ dedication to Chinese Contemporary art.

Taiwanese art has progressed through traditional academic theory, impressionist and other movements, as well as influences of Western modernist ideas; as a result the modern and contemporary creations continue to grow. Yuyu Yang is a Taiwanese artist who takes contemporary sculptures to new heights, his two meter tall “Advent of the Phoenix III” takes the form of a clean-cut design but dominant pose in red stainless steel. Ju Ming’s “Taichi Series-Single Whip” is internationally renowned; the sculpture is not focusing on the physical substance but its gentle motion. It illustrates the fascinating tension between inner calmness and the physical action of taiji movements. His “Living World Series- Monk” presents a different mood; Ju Ming freely depicts diverse figures using both simple shades of color and texture of the wood. His sculpture expresses a sense of dynamic beauty in a simple sculpting language. The master of ink art Liu Kuosong, nature inspired abstract mannerist Yang Chihung, realist painter Yeh Tzuchi, Kuo Jenchang, Huang Mingche, Huang Chihyang, Yang Maolin, Chiu Yatsai, Chang Ling, Su Wangshen and other brilliant Taiwanese artists will be featured in this Spring Auction.

In the 2012 Spring Auction, Zhong Cheng expands on its international aesthetic viewpoint to present the powerful energy of contemporary art from all over Asia. Takashi Murakami and Louis Vuitton worked together to create “Monogram Multicolore Black”. The illustration’s elements merge with Louis Vuitton’s reputable brand value; together they launch a new and innovative symbol that articulates the aesthetic breakthrough of its time. Yayoi Kusama is another Japanese artist that is believed to be one of the most influential contemporary artists today. Her works include “Dot” a playful print of black polka dots on maroon background and “Treetops” an acrylic on silk work that empathizes the traditional Japanese print rhythm through the use of present day media. Her works are recognized for its simple, elegant yet mischievous persona. Lee Jungwoong‘s “Brush” is presented with the minimal stylistic approach of ‘less is more’. The harsh but effortless ink splashes on to the quiet canvas, the realistic brushwork and the artist’s poetic ideas are what place Lee in a respectable rank in the Korean art market today. The well-known Indian artist Nyoman Masriadi uses basic cultural symbols combined with the Cubist style of deconstruction and reorganization in creating the work “Untitled”. Masriadi’s colorful yet basic collage symbolizes the ethnical beauty of Southeast Asia.

Zhong Cheng’s 2012 Spring Auction will be showcasing a rich variety of aesthetic, and we are pleased to share this abundant energy of contemporary art with all. 


(2012-05-22 )
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