2011 Zhong Cheng “Chinese Contemporary Art and Sculptures” Autumn Auction Launching Soon!
(2011-11-28 )

The 2011 Zhong Cheng Autumn Auction will launch on December 11th, 2011. After successful pre-exhibitions in Taichung and Shanghai in November, the Taipei session will continue its efforts from December 9th to 10th.

Art creation is a reflection of the contemporary existence and cultural experiences. Art masters of the 20th Century such as Liao Chi Chun, Yang San Lang, Li Mei Shu, and Xi Jin De have condensed humanism time and space into two dimensional and respectively presented the classics. We are proud to present artworks from Chinese artists such as Fu Bao Shi’s “Mountain and Waterfalls” with unique skills and masterpieces of Wu Zuo Ren, Lin Da Chuan, Sun Yun Tai, Sad Ji and Wu Guan Zhong who had received foreign training and blended eastern humanistic concepts with western oil painting skills in our collection.

With the vanishing of tradition brought by globalization, we have observed a trend of artists focusing on the presentation of subject matters, uniqueness and variation of materials. Contemporary artists presented the lively and dynamic social relationships, power structures, urban images, mental characteristics, and concepts along with traditional art creation forms.

World renown artist Cai Guo Qiang’s classic masterpiece “Myth-Shooting the Suns” has brought out explosive tension of energy; Walasse Ting’s excellent “Flowery Feast With Five Ladies“ gave a strong and vivid visual sensation; Su Xiao Bai who has continued his efforts in Germany, has presented simplicity, sophisticated, self-reflecting artistic concepts in “A Dream Behind the Cloud” with layers of thick pigments.

Our Contemporary Taiwan collection includes: Artworks of Ju Ming who has broken through modernism and established his international reputation with the “ Taiji Series ”; Founders of the “May Association of the Art” such as Chen Jing Rong and Liu Guo Song; artworks of Hsiao Chin And Chin Sung from “East Association of the Art”; Huang Ming Che’s neo art structure“ Facing to Beijing”; several artworks from Yang Chi Hung who has continuously participated at big exhibitions and pursuits inner strength. We have also included many prestigious Taiwan Contemporary masterpieces such as Kuo Jen Chang ” Love Story II”、Lin Shien Mao “Dancing Spirit D”、Yang Po Lin “Bliss of Song”、Huang Chi Yang “Lovers Library Dominique+Vincent No.3”、Lu Hsien Ming “Combinations”、Lien Chien Hsing “Whales Heading East 2”、Chen Yi Lang “The Word Carvings-Spring“ and Li Chen “The Wonderland”.

Chinese contemporary has transformed five thousand years of ethnic spirit into abundant and dynamic creativity. Zhou Chun Ya has represented literati fun into a classic yet avant-garde “Vase of Flowers”; Xu Bing wrote the 7th Century poem by Hui-Neng ──the Sixth Patriarch of Zen seat in China ──“The Bodhi (True Wisdom) is not like the tree; the mirror bright is nowhere shining; as there is nothing from the first, Where does the dust itself collect?” with new English writing in a nirvana style. Other than that, we have included artworks from Ye Yong Qing, Pan Dehai, Feng Zheng Jie, Shao Fei, Zhang Nian, Li Shuang, Hong Yao, Luo Brothers and Zhu Yi Yong. The Zhong Cheng 2011 Autumn Auction proudly presents 163 masterpieces focusing on the concept of Chinese art creation in the century. We wish to establish a reflection of the current culture and space of pursuing inner freedom within the process of examining and testifying the history of social ideology. 

(2011-11-28 )
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