Zhong Cheng’s 2011 Autumn Auction—promotes the contemporary, respects the classics
(2011-11-17 )

Zhong Cheng’s 2011 Autumn Auction “Chinese Contemporary Art & Sculptures” will launch in December 11th, and will continue to exhibit in Taichung, Shanghai and Taipei beginning November.

Asian art, with a sophisticated history of arts and humanity, has become a true force in the common culture and visual experiences. The presentation has been brought to a global network and Zhong Cheng shall continue to pursuit the core value to “promote the contemporary, respect the classics”.

To many great art masters, the past century had been a difficult time for creating art. Liao Chi Chun “Park landscape” has recreated a renaissance of the pre-eighties. Yang San Lang, Shiy De Jinn, and Yuyu Yang each represented a different classic. Among the Chinese art masters, Fu Bao Shi has created a new landscape painting with his unique personal style. “Mountain and Waterfalls” was presented in a dashing and refined fashion with ink-embellished magnificent mountains and elegant waterfalls. We have also included oil painting and water-ink painting of Wu Zuo Ren, who unprecedentedly blended the western realist painting skills in our autumn auction.

Contemporary art has created a language of the era within the conversation between social structure and culture. Su Xiao Bai’s “A Dream Behind the Cloud” is simple yet implies speculative rational thinking, the idea of “Zen” runs throughout the impressive image. Cai Guo Qiang’s “Myth-Shooting the Suns” created in 1994 presented the nine suns with originality and innovative usage of the materials; it has also presented rich imaginations in Hou Yi’s shooting sun with fine linear structure and energy.Walasse Ting’s “Flowery Feast With Five Ladies” brightened the audience sight with this 2.5 meter painting. Ju Ming, a Taiwanese contemporary artist of oriental thinking, has created the taiji series; the founders of “May Association of the Art”, Chen Jing Rong and Liu Guo Song; the founders of “East Association of the Art”, Hsiao Chin, Hsia Yan, Wu Hao’s works are presented. We have also included art works of Yang Chi Hung who created with ingenuity with nature and inner spirits. There are also artworks of Kuo Jen Chang, Lin Shien Mao, Chiu Ya Tsai, Yang Po Lin, Huang Chi Yang, Huang Ming Che, Zheng Zai Dong, Lu Hsien Ming, Lien Chien Hsing, Chen Yi Lang and Li Chen.

In regards to Chinese contemporary, Zhou Chun Ya’s “Vase of Flowers” in 1997 has innovated the form other than interesting fun; “Green Dog”comes with an implicit explosion in the substantial forms of two dogs. Yue Min Jun’s “Untitled”depicts the irony in society with a signature smile; Xu Bing created “New English Calligraphy- Zen Poetry III” with the Sixth Patriarch of Chinese Zen Hui-Neng’s poems; Xue Song combined European and Asian classic creativity with new materials and created “Eight Mountain Painter and Matisse”. Also, impressive artworks of Ye Yong Qing, Pan De Hai, Feng Zheng Jie, Shao Fei, Cui Xiao Dong, Zhang Nian, Li Shuang, Hong Yao and Zhu Yi Yong are listed in our auction. We have included dynamic art exquisites in our 2011 Autumn Auction, in hope to up-stir an aesthetic feast for our collectors while expressing rich cultural information. 

(2011-11-17 )
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